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The Variety of Pajamas (Part One)

Pajamas may seem like just simple sleepwear, but it can be so much more! Having evolved into a diverse range of styles and materials, whether it is function or fashion, pajamas have grown into a broad section for sleepwear. In this first part, we will begin to discuss some of these variates and how they may provide benefits for you.

To establish a baseline, you can never go wrong with the tried and true cotton classics. A timeless staple, these are as simple and efficient as you can get. An all cotton build will ensure a lightweight and comfortable uniform that is suitable for all climates. Taking it a notch up for the colder seasons, flannel is a popular material for warmth. Tending to have a brushed finish, flannel can not only provide warmth but also a cozy feeling, especially in the winter time.

On the other end with a luxurious twist, silk or satin are popular choices for those wanting to take the next step. These materials offer temperature regulating properties which, coupled with their soft and smooth texture, offer a comfortable outfit for both warm and cool nights.

We hope you found this first part about the different variety of pajamas to be interesting and helpful in ensuring you have the best rest you can! At Fox Mattress, we craft all our mattresses right here in the USA, so you know you have a premium mattress to sleep on. Give us a call or visit our Holly Hills location to learn more about our premium offerings today!

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