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Custom Innerspring Mattresses For Sale

Designed for comfort, quality and durability.

No-Flip Mattresses
 This design is one in which all the comfort padding is only on one side of the mattress. These designs are popular for the person who cannot or does not want to flip their mattress. A NO-FLIP should be a little less expensive and is designed to soften quicker since you are not able to flip it. One nice feature is we can build a softer, plusher design than a traditional.
Traditional Mattresses (2-Sided Flip)
 A traditional mattress has been built for many decades. It was the industry standard for all InnerSprings for many, many years. On a traditional design, the layering of materials is identical on both sides of the spring unit. This type of layering allows us to build a firmer longer lasting mattress. When you are able to flip, you allow one side to recover and you are sleeping on multiple different surfaces. (We recommend traditional). At Fox Mattress we build four lines of InnerSprings and all of our spring designs can be No-Flip or Traditional 2-sided Flip. Each line of InnerSpring mattresses includes a variety of spring designs from bonnel, offset, hinged, and fabric encased.
Certified orthopedic Mattresses (Traditional & No-Flip Available)
Introductory line – Built with the same principles as our Fox-O-Pedic and Chiropractic lines, and with more emphasis on the cost of materials.Layering or upholstering is the absolute MOST IMPORTANT part of an InnerSpring design. The normal body impression or sag is most often caused by inferior or cheaper materials, although all mattresses will soften and conform to the body and lose its support. But it should take many years to become unusable.

Fox-O-Pedic Mattresses (Traditional & No-Flip Available)
This line has been developed for over 4 generations. A line of beds we designed for the master bedroom. This design is custom built with extra no-sag systems, side supports, lumbar support, and some of the highest quality cushioning available in its price range.


Chiropractic Line (Traditional & No-Flip Available)

The Best of the Best. Built specifically for the individual who simply desires the best. Built using only the finest and most durable materials in the mattress industry. Come check out the Chiropractor’s Dream today.


Custom Deluxe Mattresses

At Fox Mattress, we offer numerous different designs that can be custom built for any size you may need. There is no size we can’t handle!


Fabric Encased (or as Simmons says,”Pocketed Coil”) 

This design is hundreds of springs wrapped in fabric. This is designed to eliminate movement that you would feel from your partner. This design is built in many price points with different firmness levels.

Designed for comfort, quality and durability. We layer our inner springs with the following components in different configurations and number of layers.
No-Sag System
This layer is a flex netting to prevent upholstery from compressing into the body when weight is applied to springs. (This layer is atop springs) INSULATORS: As stated, it is an insulator pad from 1/4″ to 1″ thick that is designed to prevent us from feeling the spring and adds support/longevity to the mattress.
Side Supports
These can be either foam or steel and are designed to prevent the sides of the mattress from breaking down; and to firm up the edges.
The most important of all the layers. It is the comfort of your mattress and a HUGE part of the durability. This is typically the largest weak link in mass production mattresses because of cost. At FOX, we overspend in this area because we KNOW the importance. Since we build our own and cut out the middleman, we can overspend and still keep our prices below the industry standard. Foam is the most common and is a weight or density issue for quality. Firmness has little to do with quality. (Look in our Foam Mattress section for a better explanation) Also: cotton, wool and other exotic fibers can be used but typically add cost and do very little for the quality of sleep.
Ticking & Cover
Thousands of ticking are available and 99.9% work fine and include: Damasks, Knits, Woven, etc., They all work well. At FOX we do not believe in putting a $50 per yard fabric on a $100 mattress. We would rather put a $20 per yard fabric on a $500 mattress; and invest more on the quality materials inside because we know that is where it counts the most. Try to look past the ticking and exterior appearance and ask about the inside as you shop.
The Fox Mattress Warranty
Many of our customers come to us and share with us how they had purchased an expensive name brand mattress, only to have that mattress lose its support within 1 or 2 years.

Then, through loop-holes in the warranty, neither the store where they purchased it or the factory who made it would fix the problem. Here at Fox Mattress we warranty what we sell with structural warranties up to 10 years!

Fox Mattress offers many designs using a Quantum Edge spring system.  See video below for benefits:

Technical Specifications

Types of spring systems vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. As a rule, if you buy a mid grade mattress and up the springs usually work very well.To judge a spring, you need to understand the language. All springs are based off a standard full size or double 4/6  spring. The coil count or spring name (ie. 312, 368, 704,760 etc.), are the number of springs in a full. You would add for a queen/ king and subtract for twins to come up with the same springs per square foot. Wire thickness is another factor to consider and this runs like electric wire. The higher the number, the thinner the wire (ie. 12.5 is the thickest and 15.5 is thinner).


Also, pay attention to how the spring is held together; helical wires, foam encased, etc. Fabric encased coils take a spring and insert it into a pocket of fabric and glue them together. Offset or hinged, bonnell springs normally use wire to hold them together. Border rods have become an option on all designs.

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