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Health & Sleep Tips
Back or joint pain? It could be your mattress.

Headache/Stiff Neck
Tension in the neck muscles is often aggravated by a poor sleeping posture and can be the cause of tension headache. If the neck is not properly supported, the muscles can be stretched and strained during sleep, resulting in pain and stiffness.
Back Pain
Back pain is one of the most common health problems. Pain and stiffness are often aggravated during the night, especially if the mattress forces the spine into an unnatural position.
Painful Hip Joints
Problems with painful hips can become worse by a hard mattress and may lead to considerable discomfort and even inflammation of joints. Aching knees, inflammation in and around the knee joints may make them sensitive and vulnerable to pressure and touch. To help relieve this problem, the mattress should yield to even the slightest localized pressure.
This common problem is often aggravated by poor bed posture which causes back and shoulder muscles to be held in tension. Arm pain, numbness and prickly/tingling sensation in the arms is generally caused by an inflammation of the nerves of the neck. These conditions are aggravated by a poor sleeping posture, especially if the neck is not properly supported.
Sciatic pain, running down along the back of the thighs and calf into the foot, can last several months. A bed which causes an unnatural sleeping posture often aggravates the condition.
Circulatory Problems
Circulatory problems often lead to swollen feet and calves with pain and numbness during the night. A mattress should be soft enough to relieve contact pressure blocking the flow of blood. 
Joint and Back Pain Chart

"I have purchased several mattresses from other store names need not to be mentioned and have been so unhappy with the quality. I went to Fox to see what they offered and was impressed with the way they do things. I never felt like I was being pressured into purchasing or rushed into making a decision. Thank you Fox for making it easy and giving us the quality  of bedding we needed for our older joints and bones." -Glinineweiz

Which would you choose?

rolled up image.JPG

If you had a budget of $2,500 for a king size mattress as an example below. Which would you choose?

The premium quality high density cushioning 2 SIDED FLIP design with cooling arctic fox fabric with in home delivery, set up, and removal with friendly trusted experts. (local areas) And built locally since 1968 with all US materials.


The “premium” rolled up vacuum compressed mattress that could require you to carry 150 pounds + inside your home and removal of your old mattress for “free.” Built elsewhere and possibly not using all US materials?

The choice is yours, but we at Fox think it’s a pretty simple one! We do have a bed for you.

Let us help YOU sleep better !

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