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Bring the luxury any where you travel! Land, sea, and beyond!
Custom Deluxe Foam Mattress
Whether it is a gel memory foam or latex mattress you fancy; deluxe foam mattresses are the easiest way to improve your RV, boat, or camper. With our premium foam mattress, you will sleep better than ever. This is important after logging long miles on the road or water. A new custom Fox Mattress will help you awake refereshed and ready to enjoy the day.


Custom Size and Shape Mattress
Any size or shape you are looking for can be created by our skilled craftsmen locally in our factory. We can fit any RV or boat enclosure for your new mattress. 
Learn how to buy your new custom mattress. Get helpful hints on what to look for and frequently asked questions.  Contact us today.
No Detail Unnoticed
At Fox Mattress, we build each custom mattress by hand on special order. As seen below, no detail goes unnoticed.
We do have a bed for you.
Home Away From Home
Any race fans out there?
We sure are at Fox Mattress and are proud to have built custom luxury mattresses for many of the top champion drivers, so they enjoy a great night's sleep in their home away from home.

Searching for a good night's sleep?

120x80 size !

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