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The Ideal Sleep Position (Part Two)

Previously, we began to discuss the nuances of sleep positions and how to optimize each position depending on how you sleep. We discussed sleeping on your back which is the best for natural spine support, and we also touched on the inverse of sleeping on your stomach which can strain your neck but does mitigate snoring. In this second part, we will continue discussing various sleep positions and guide you to discover the best one that suits your needs for a restful night of sleep!  

Side sleeping is quite a popular position and has its own pros and cons. For those who have sleep apnea or frequently snore loudly, side sleeping can be beneficial in reducing this, however it does come with the caveat that your spine won’t be properly aligned. To best mitigate this, consider a medium soft to medium firm mattress as well as placing a pillow between your knees can help enhance support and comfort.  

Broadly however, many individuals switch positions throughout the night. It is important to look for a mattress with the versatility and responsiveness to accommodate for all these different kinds of sleeping styles, whether it is a memory foam or hybrid mattress, these will all work wonders in allowing a restful night of sleep. 

We hope you found this last part of finding your ideal sleep position to be interesting and helpful in ensuring you can take full advantage of your sleep and have the most productive day! At Fox Mattress, we craft all our mattresses right here in the USA, so you know you have a premium mattress to sleep on. Give us a call or visit our Holly Hills location to learn more about our premium offerings today! 

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