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Guide to Using Hotel Beds

After a long day of travel or adventures, what is the first thing you want to do when getting to the hotel? Jump onto the bed! We're here to say - yes! But wait a second. Obviously hotel beds are not the same as our beds back home. Yes there are differences in mattress type, level of firmness, size, and overall experience. However, the biggest factor to consider is that this bed is used for strangers before you. Rest assured that hotels are required to wash their bedding...but not all of it.

Stay away from decorative pillows. How often do you throw your decorative pillows in the wash? Most people would say not often. This is the same case for hotels. Those pillows are used to rest the eyes only and many might not make it out of the wash as it entered it. Keep this in mind before pressing your face in the pile of pillows.

Another area of the bed to look for are the runners. Their purpose is to allow for people to place their feet on in case they have shoes on while in bed. While the purpose is to keep the bed clean, think about all of the dust and dirt that is capture within the fabric of the runner which is in term in contact with the your bed. A sense a good dusting is in order! Our recommendation? Just remove those items from your bed and bring your own blanket and pillow if possible. It will also give you a sense of home so you do not feel too home-sick.

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