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Why do we Sleep?

Ever start feeling sleepy in the middle of something and find yourself asking, “I wish I had more time!” In many ways, sleep can be depicted as a waste of time, after all those hours are spent motionless with our eyes closed not doing anything. In reality, sleep is anything but a waste of time, and by maximizing your sleep, you can maximize every other hour in your day.

Sleep is a trait shared by all living creatures and a lack of sleep can lead to death as seen in a University of Chicago study that found rats die from 2 weeks of sleep deprivation. Even though this function is so critical, scientists aren’t set on an exact explanation on why we developed this need.

So what do we know? Sleep is a key player in our brain’s plasticity, our ability to learn and create memories. Sleep deprivation commonly leads to that inability to recall or to focus. In that sense, sleep is best viewed from the perspective that it replenishes our body and minds energy.

We hope this gave you a little more insight onto the reason we sleep and the processes our bodies go through. At Fox Mattress, we are committed to ensuring you enjoy a blissful sleep every night so you can maximize the rest of your day. With all our materials sourced right in the US and built right here in Holly Hill, we’re confident our mattresses will give you the rest you deserve. Check out our website or physical location today to learn more!

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