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When is the Right Time to Wake Up?

As our lives get busier and busier, waking up refreshed for the day and in a timely manner is a struggle that we can all relate to. Luckily, there are ways to make the process a little less painful. One way is working with the natural cycles of your body and sleep stages.

There are two natural cycles of your body – your chronotype and sleep stages. Your chronotype is simply if you are a night owl or morning bird. Do you focus better in the morning or at night? This trait is mostly genetically programmed into us although we do have the power to make the opposite chronotype work for us. Unfortunately, most jobs and schools are centered around the morning bird schedule with most of us needing to wake up by 7am or earlier to get to our 8am jobs. While many night owls are stuck on morning bird schedule, if you are able to control the time that you come in, try creating your schedule around the times you are naturally more alert and focused. We have a whole blog article about this already so be sure to check that one out after this one!

Something you can control is waking up during the ideal moment in your sleep cycle. There are 4 stages of sleep. Each stage is progressively harder to wake up from. The average person will cycle through these stage 4-6 times a night. Although this might sound very regular, every cycle can differ in length with the average time being about 90 minutes. However, this can change drastically with plenty of factors including age, sleep patterns, and alcohol consumption. It is ideal to wake up during an early stage in the sleep cycle (e.g., waking from stage 1 vs. stage 4). Waking up during stage 3 or 4 makes you feel more groggy which tempts you in staying in bed rather than finally getting up. To figure out your unique sleep cycle, make use of sleep tracking app such as SleepScore.

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