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The Science Behind Night Owl vs. Early Birds

There has always been a distinction between those who love the morning sun, and those who thrive during nighttime. But what actually makes someone prefer one over the other? In this article, we will be discussing the science behind night owls vs. early birds.

Early birds are easily adjustable to societies set schedules, with the tendency to wake up early and sleep early, being the most productive when the sun is out. Some, however, have difficulty socializing when the sun goes down, with 9pm being a popular bedtime.

Night owls are quite literally the opposite, being productive and happier at night. Many who enjoy night time are creatives, like musicians or artists, and thrive in their work when everyone else is sleeping.

What is within our brain that actually creates these distinctions? A study in 2020 found that genetics does play a part in which times you prefer. It is also what you do throughout the day, and some social factors that could determine which times you prefer. This includes how much smartphone activity you do, along with how much physical activity you do. If you want to change your sleeping preferences, it can be done with patience and some tired mornings.

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