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The Deal with Bed Bugs

Bed bugs. Yikes! The thought of getting attacked by these creatures as you sleep is certainly uncomfortable, though the need to panic shouldn’t be too high. Bed bugs, besides leaving bite marks and occasional markings, cannot transmit any diseases unlike their mosquito or tick counterparts. That being said it’s still awful to keep them in your home! Here are some tips to dealing with bed bugs if you find them in your home.

Identification – Bed bugs come into your home usually through items you bring into your house and hide out in beds, couches, and small cervices. Call a professional or use a flashlight to search the areas around your bed to see if you can find them or their small, pale, yellow eggs.

ContainmentVacuum the areas you find the bed bugs at and wash all your sheets and affected clothes at the highest temperature in the washer and dryer.

Treatment- After vacuuming and washing, either call a professional to do a proper removal or hunt them down yourself with a steamer. Bed bugs are highly susceptible to high heat of 115 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Many bed bugs have developed a resistance to many pesticides so a high heat steamer is the best way to eliminate them, though you can still try specifically marked bed bug treatments.

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