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The Cycles of Sleep

The process of sleep is one of the most complex and fascinating cycle that the body goes through. Scientists are still looking over what the body does during sleep and how it affects our minds and health. Though there is still much to discover, sleep has been broken down into 4 distinct stages that we undergo every night, each having responsibility for our wellbeing.

Stage 1- Stage 1 is that feeling where you are starting to feel sleepy and begin dozing off. This typically lasts around 5 minutes, moving very quickly to stage 2.

Stage 2- In stage 2 your body begins a drop in temperature, muscles start to relax, and breathing and heartbeat begin to slow. Eye movement stops in this stage. Stage 2 lasts from 10-15 minutes, those taking power naps normally end up waking up during this stage.

Stage 3- Stage 3 is known as a deep sleep and it becomes hard to wake someone up once they’ve entered stage 3. The body relaxes further with heart rate and breathing slowing more. This stage lasts 20-40 minutes and is known as the body’s time to repair.

Stage 4- Stage 4 or rapid eye movement (REM) are when the eyes seem to move around even though they are closed. The body paralyzes itself and REM sleep is known to assist with memory, learning, and all cognitive functions. REM sleep is also where dreams take place.

We hope you found this information helpful and allowed you to understand your sleep a little better. We at Fox Mattress are committed to ensuring you have the highest quality sleep every night, check out our website or visit our store today to learn more about our locally made premium mattresses!

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