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Sleeping with Earbuds: Safe or Dangerous?

If you live in the middle of a busy city, or have a partner that cannot stop snoring, you may have considered getting earplugs to get better sleep. Earplugs, or earbuds for better sleep is something debated often on how healthy it is for your ears. In this article, we will go through the pros and cons of sleeping with earbuds.

The obvious benefit from using earplugs is a higher quality of sleep, with the ability to use noise canceling settings that block out the sounds of cars on the street outside. You can also use earbuds to listen to calming music before going to sleep.

However, there are many medical risks to keeping something in your ear for such a long period of time. If used often, these earbuds can lead to ear wax accumulation, irritation in your ear canal, or pressure on your ear leading to dead tissue. If you are listening to music with earplugs over the entire time you sleep, you could suffer from hearing loss. A great alternative to sleeping better and canceling out outside noise is background sounds playing out from your device without earplugs.

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