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Sleeping Positions

Sleep is a vital part of everyone’s daily mental and physical health. It is necessary to ensure that we are sleeping in a position that gives our spine and musculature the support it needs. In this article we will discuss the best sleeping positions to maximize your rest and recovery!

Side sleeping is among the best sleeping positions due to its numerous benefits. Sleeping on your side is one of the best positions for the alignment of your spine. Other benefits include reducing heart burn, and snoring. This sleeping position especially benefits individuals who are pregnant, have acid reflux, have back pain, have sleep apnea, or are elderly. The only drawbacks to a side sleeping position are the higher likelihood of face wrinkles and the possible aggravation of shoulder pain.

The next best sleeping position is to simply lay on your back. The benefits of this sleeping position are the relief of congestion or allergies when sleeping on your back with an upright position and proper alignment of your spine. Individuals that benefit from this sleeping position the most are those with lumbar spinal pain, people who worry about wrinkles, those with neck pain, and those with nightly allergies or congestion. However, this position should be avoided by individuals who would benefit from side sleeping, such as pregnant women, those with sleep apnea, and those with non-lumbar back pain.

We hope you found this article insightful and helps you find your ideal sleeping position! At Fox Mattress, we craft all our mattresses right here in the USA, so you know you have a premium mattress to sleep on. Give us a call or visit our Holly Hills location to learn more about our premium offerings today!

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