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Should you Sleep with your Pets?

Sleeping with your dog or cat is a taboo act in some households, with cats having the tendency to sleep right on you or next to you, and dogs sometimes doing the same. In this article, we will be laying out the pros and cons of sleeping with your pets in the room with you.

The most obvious disadvantage of allowing your pet in your room is the hair they bring with them. It can easily trigger allergies and be difficult to get rid of. You can also be exposed to germs that your pets may have.Another struggle can be the decrease in quality of sleep. Our pets simply do not have the same schedule as humans, and taking a 8 hour nap is not normal for animals.

Some potential benefits of allowing your pets to sleep near you is improvement in mental health. Believe it or not, many people consider their pets as part of their support system, therefore having them there while sleeping provides comfort and protection. It reduces the feeling of loneliness and reduces worries. One study found that those who do sleep with their pet take less sleep medication compared to those that do not have pets.

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