Perfecting Your Bedtime Routine

In a time of uncertainty and transition as we progress through this global health crisis, something grounding is needed to maintain a sense of normalcy as well as keep us in a healthy state of mind. A solid bedtime routine can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Our bodies and mind thrive on routine. Doing certain activities with a certain intention trains our minds into release neurotransmitters to help us with the task we are about to do. In this case, it's sleeping.

You might have experienced this prior to quarantine. If you woke up at a certain time everyday for work, you might have noticed that you might wake up before or very close to your alarm clock. This is because your body knows what to expect everyday and starts preparing for the task subconsciously. We can use this to our advantage to sleep better.

The first key to this is to build a series of activities that signals to your brain it's time for sleep. This can include brushing your teeth right before bed, journaling, reading, making a decaffeinated cup of tea, or even meditation. Preparing for the next day is also a great task to signal the end of the day to your brain. Activities such as packing your bag, lunch, or making a to-do list. Google Home has a feature that allows you to prepare for the next day such as setting the appropriate alarm, notifying you about the weather, and briefing you on your calendar. It can then follow up with some night time sleep sounds to help you relax.

The second key is to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. This can be especially challenging over the weekend when you want to sleep in but it's okay to do that. Just try not to oversleep by many hours as that can throw your routine off. 1-2 hours shouldn't make a huge difference in the way your body has prepare itself on a schedule.

If you are looking for more ways to get better sleep, take a gander of our vast selection of mattresses that will suit everyone's needs. Better sleep and better relaxation is what the Fox Mattress family strives for. Give us a call and our friendly staff can answer any of your questions!


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