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Mattress Maintenance (Part One)

It is easy to think about mattresses as a one and done purchase that we can be comfortable with for years. However, it is important to recognize for the sake of your comfort and even health to take the proper steps to take care of your mattress! In this first part, we will begin to discuss mattress maintenance, what it entails, and its significance.

First things first, it is important to recognize your frame can be just as important in protecting your mattress than anything else. Having a supportive and sturdy bed frame or foundation will prevent unnecessary wear and tear to your mattress that will inevitably happen over time. On a similar note, investing in a mattress protector is recommended, ideally with waterproof features. As a barrier against spills, stains, and especially dust mites, it can serve as a great barrier.

If any stains or spills do occur, it is important to make sure you clean them as quickly as possible as well as maintain a regular cleaning schedule for your mattress. This includes vacuuming for dust, dirt, and allergens. Try to avoid excessive moisture as that can promote mold and mildew growth.

We hope you found this information on mattress maintenance and its importance to be insightful and helpful in your daily life! At Fox Mattress, we craft all our mattresses right here in the USA, so you know you have a premium mattress to sleep on. Give us a call or visit our Holly Hills location to learn more about our premium offerings today!

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