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Mattress Care that Will Make the Most Out of Your Purchase

When taken care of, a good mattress can provide 8-10 years of comfortable, consistent quality sleep. How can you get your mattress to last that long without springs popping out or part of the bed getting saggy? Follow these tips:

1. Get the right frame and support for your mattress

Some people try cutting cost by nixing a bedframe thinking it’s useless and only provides for a more put together look of the bedroom. However, contrary to some belief, a bedframe does have function and is integral to the proper support of a mattress. It helps keep all of the inner mechanics of a mattress well balanced and working properly for years to come. If you have a spring-loaded mattress, it’s recommended to have a box spring as this will evenly distribute load on the springs in your mattress. If you have memory foam, having a sturdy base is sufficient so make sure you have a good quality bed frame that is properly installed and even. Make sure the legs are tightly screwed in and, for safety reasons, check for any cracks or areas of instability.

2. Wash bed sheets and linens regularly

Every 1-2 weeks is recommended. The reason being is that linens is the first place hair, skin cells, dust, crumbs, and all other tiny debris land on. If the linens are not washed regularly, these small particles will wind up in your mattress causing grim to build up. This can potentially cause dust mites. Fun fact – if you have a dog with environmental allergies, dust mites are one of the most common household allergens pets are sensitive to.

3. Rotate your bed

Even the most high-quality mattresses will start to sink in the areas that are used the most with time and use. Make sure you are distributing the weight properly especially the first few months you are breaking in a new mattress. From there, rotate your mattress 180 degrees every 6 months. Luckily, at Fox Mattress we carry our unique 2-sided flip mattress meaning you can sleep on either side! This will help with weight distribution, longer use of your mattress as well as providing a fresh side to sleep on.

After taking all the measures to care for your mattress, there will come a time where you will need a new one. You will know it’s time if the mattress quality has noticeably changed. You might feel springs out of place, areas that are sunken, or the mattress not being able to provide the same support to your body as it once did. If you notice these things or just think it’s time for an upgrade look no further than Fox Mattress! We at Fox Mattress are committed to your health and having an amazing rest. If you want to increase the quality of your sleep, check out our store to try our premium 2-sided flip mattress today!

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