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Managing Sleep as a Student vs. Work Life

Life as a college student can be drastically different from life as a graduate school student or a working professional. The carefree college days are filled with events, classes on the M-W-F or T-T schedule, part-time jobs at odd hours, and social gatherings fit snugly in between everything. Sleep for most young people in their late teens and early twenties is their last priority with most valuing experiences and excitement over the daily routine that most graduate students and work life adults need to keep. In this article, we will explore ways for college students vs. working adults to maximize their sleep.


Naps cannot be more valued during school. With the freedom that comes with a school schedule, most students can squeeze in a nap during the daytime between classes, before work, or even plan for an entire weekday to rest from a busy week before. Sometimes it’s as easy as going back to the dorms, apartments, or even just bringing a hammock to school and lounging in the campus green area. Some universities even have designated sleep rooms.

Work Life

Transitioning from college to work life can be hard for some people since your schedule and freedoms can shift drastically. As opposed to the haphazard and sometimes random scheduling in college, as a working adult most days look the same especially if you hold a 9-5. With a more regular schedule (and less energy with age), a consistent sleep schedule is important for the long days ahead. With lunch breaks ranging from 20-60 minutes, there is scarce opportunity for naps so being well rested for the workday relies more on your nightly z’s. As a result, most working adults value sleep during their mid-twenties and beyond more than when they were in their early twenties.

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