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How Much Time Can We Stay Awake? (Part Three)

Previously we discussed the influences of sleep deprivation and two individuals who pushed the bounds of what the human body is capable of. With Tom Rounds being awake for 260 hours straight and Randy Gardner setting the current record in 1964 at 264.4 hours, these feats are incredibly impressive, but are not without consequence. In this final part we will combine the previous mentioned effects of sleep deprivation with the cases outlined before to see the consequences and findings in these experiments.

With both Round and Gardner being awake for around the same amount of time, the effects from sleep deprivation were similar amongst the both of them. For starters, within just 24 hours they experienced significant cognitive impairment, including difficulties with concentration, memory, and decision making. As the experiment progressed, they were unable to perform the most simple tasks and were always showing signs of confusion and disorientation.

They also had mood swings that became increasingly unstable, with frequent irritability reported. Hallucinations and perceptual disturbances were also common and became more intense as the experiment continued. Overall, being awake for 11 days straight had a profoundly negative impact on these two people’s health and mental wellbeing.

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