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How Much Time Can We Stay Awake? (Part One)

Whether it is simple curiosity or just a few very intense deadlines, we all have tried to stay awake for a prolonged period, much longer than we should. There are those out there who have pushed to see just what the human body is capable of, and bear the inherent risks. In this first part, we will begin discussing how long people have gone without sleep, the consequences of such, and how we still have so much to learn about sleep.

When it comes to person to person, how long one can stay awake is influenced by factors including age, health, and tolerance to sleep deprivation. Generally, most healthy adults can stay awake between 16 to 18 hours before feeling the drowsiness truly hit. After an extended period without sleep, the body’s ability to function and perform drastically declines, which leads to fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and impaired cognitive function.

If long enough, this can extend into hallucinations, memory lapses, and even illness with a weakened immune system. These consequences of prolonged sleep deprivation were found through controlled experiments with individuals who stayed awake as long as they could under the supervision of doctors and scientists.

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