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How Animals Sleep Part 2

Every living being needs to rest in some way or another, but how they do it can vary greatly by species! In this continued edition of how animals sleep, we’ll examine more creatures across the animal kingdom and observe the interesting ways they get their rest.

Snakes- reptiles and amphibians generally have strange sleeping patterns, though recent research has shown that they also undergo rapid eye movement (REM) sleep like mammals, though in cycles lasting 80 seconds. Snakes in particular sleep with both eyes wide open, in fact they just don’t have eyelids! On a similar note another reptile, the crocodile, sleeps with one eye open.

Mallard ducks- these ducks sleep in packs of four floating on the water. In order to watch out for potential predators, the duck at front and the duck at the back sleep with one eye open to watch out.

Horses- horses as well as cows sleep standing up. Their legs lock up allowing them to sleep in such a position. This can provide them a quick escape in case a predator tries to attack them. Similarly, flamingos sleep with one leg up, a popular sight in our home state of Florida!

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