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How Animals Sleep

The animal kingdom houses some truly unique species, and their anatomies and lifestyles make them all the more interesting to learn about. Though one constant remains throughout the kingdom, and that is the need to sleep. In this article, we’ll go over certain mammals and how they sleep differently compared to us.

Bears- undergo a state known as hibernation for months on end. There is a bit of a misconception on hibernation however when people mistake it for an extended state of rest. However it is more like a period of pronounced lower metabolism, heart rate, and body temperature. Other animals such as bats, hedgehogs, and lemurs also hibernate.

Dolphins- sleep in a unihemispheric fashion. This means that one half of their brain goes to sleep while the others remain awake. This is to rest while still staying alert from potential dangers or predators. This switches between the two sides until the dolphin is sufficiently rested.

Sperm Whales- sleep completely upright. When considering the size of one, 52 feet tall, the fact it sleeps completely upright is incredible. Scientists confirmed they were indeed asleep when the whale didn’t notice their ship sailing around until it bumped into the whale.

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