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Getting a Comfortable in a Home Away from Home

As many of us getting into the swing of traveling again, it’s even more strange than before to find yourself in another bed other than your own (you know, the one that you’ve been sleeping in the for the past year a half nonstop). Especially in hotels where the feel is especially foreign, it’s hard to feel fully relaxed in comforters and pillows that don’t feel like or smell like your own. To help relieve this stress, we have 3 tips to get comfy anywhere:

1. Consider Airbnb

Hotels can feel especially sterile knowing that you are entering a room that has that commercial smell to it. If hotel living is especially uncomfortable to you, try renting out from Airbnb instead. Prices are usually reasonable, and you can have fun experiences such as renting a tiny house or treehouse. Hosts usually do a better job making their bed cozier with non-white color and softer sheets. They are also more pet-friendly that most hotels so you can take Fido with you!

2. Bring a piece of home with you

A lot of people feel more reassured by their new surroundings by bring their favorite pillow or blanket to sleep in. This makes the bed feel more like home and gives you something familiar to hold onto. These items also help make your surrounds look more like home.

3. Create your nest

Just like breaking in a new pair of sneakers, some spaces just need a little breaking into. Hang your clothes in the closets, turn on the TV, make a cup of coffee. Basically, do everything you need to do to make that room or house more like somewhere people inhabit.

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