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Ease into Rest

Americans are getting less and less sleep every year. According to the CDC, the average adult (18-60) needs 7 hours or more of sleep every night for optimal physical and cognitive function. In a recent survey conducted by StudyFinds found in 2019 that the average American adult is averaging only 5 ½ hours a night, an almost 47-minute decrease from the 6 hours and 17 minute average in 2018. While this can be attributed to a multitude of reasons, the conclusion is that we need more sleep. If you find yourself having a hard time falling asleep, here are some tips to help ease you into a blissful rest.

Temperature – If you find yourself sweating, tossing and turning in your attempts at rest, lower your AC or turn on your fan! The temperature of your room has a critical bearing on your body’s ability to fall asleep. The Sleep Foundation recommends a bedroom temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal rest.

White noise- If you find your thoughts racing as you try to drift to sleep, consider playing some white noise such as wind blowing or rainfall to distract your thoughts. Enhance this by imagining a serene environment for yourself and you’ll be off to sleep in no time!

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