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Dreams: What are They?

The dreams we have every night can be incredibly exhilarating or dull, frightening or joyful. No matter what happens in them, dreams are one of the most interesting phenomena to affect us all, leaving all of us wondering, “what was that all about?”. Though there is still much to be learned about dreams, here are the points current research has led to about the meaning and reason we dream.

Dreams occur during our REM sleep, the phase when our brains are the most active creating memories and other functions that allow us to learn. We tend to go through a few cycles of REM sleep during a night’s rest, so some experts say we dreams up to 6 times a night.

There are many theories onto the reason we dream, one of the most popular being the brain’s way of processing our emotions and to incorporate memories throughout the day. Dreams also show our mental state, with emotions such as stress being able to influence our dreams and potentially morph them into nightmares. Some common themes like being chased or being naked in a public place are commonly associated with hidden anxiety. By interpreting your dreams and how they may apply to your own life, you can maybe understand your feelings better.

We hope you found this information interesting and helped further your understanding of dreams. Of course, you must be comfortable to have the best dreams, at we at Fox Mattress are committed to ensuring you have the most blissful rest. Visit our website or Holly Hill location to learn more about our premium locally made mattresses today!

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