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Common Dreams and Their Meanings Part 2

In our previous blog, we had fun delving into four common dreams and their interpretations! If you haven’t checked that one out, make sure you give it a peek after this one where we will explore four more.

Snakes or spiders – Snakes have symbolic meaning in most cultures and folklore. While most of them are negative or evil, some stories paint them as mystical and mysterious. Snakes in dreams often represent this dichotomy as well and represent a multitude of interpretations. If the snake is molting in your dream, then perhaps you are going through a transformation. If the snake seems threatening in your dream than perhaps it did take on the evil role. Spiders are rarely depicted positively, and this reflects in dream interpretation as well since they often represent deceit and lies.

Premonitions – Some people are deeply intuitive and will dream an event only for it to come true in the future! There is no explanation of this and can depend on the person’s personality.

Nudity – This can either represent shame (being exposed) or high confidence (showing it off).

Sex – Dreaming about having sex with a person doesn’t always mean that you want to have sex with them. Some dream interpreters say that its sexual dreams are a form of envy. The dreamer sees the person as having a trait that they themselves want to embody.

Well, that was fun and there you have it – eight dream interpretations. After reading these, how many did you relate to?

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