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Circadian Rhythm

Everyone knows how important sleep is to our body, with a small change in routine leading to a tired and draining morning. This is due to our body’s natural clock, also known as your circadian rhythm. Your internal circadian rhythm works with your environment and the light around you to manage the hormones, the digestive system, and the secretion of melatonin. The most important thing about this biological clock is the things you do before you sleep to get the most deep and fulfilling sleep. It can be easy to disrupt your circadian rhythm, with things like jet lag, blue light, long naps, and caffeine leading to an unformattable sleeping schedule. But these can be managed with a routine that keeps your circadian rhythm intact and ready to give you more energy. Here are some things that can help you:

Follow a consistent schedule - This not only includes sleep, but also eating, relaxing, and exercising.

Find some sun - Natural light exposure can not only keep you awake during the day, but can also allow for melatonin to work more effectively in your body at night.

Exercise daily - This doesn’t have to be a full body heavy weight workout, exercise can be a 10 minute walk that allows your body to move and get better sleep at night.

Limit light exposure before sleeping - Light from electronics can suppress the melatonin that your body is releasing for you to sleep, so try to not look at your phone at least an hour before you want to sleep.

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