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Binge Shows for Summer 2021

Love laying in bed with an array of snacks, a beverage, and the AC turned on low for a good Netflix binge? After a long day or week, being able to get comfortable and shut the mind down can do wonders in helping with relaxation and decompressing from the stress of the real world. Alternatively, it’s a great feeling to be able to watch some TV even if there isn’t anything stressful going. We’ve compiled a couple of Netflix suggestions for your next binge:

1. Vincenzo – A Korean drama, Vincenzo follows a pair of lawyers from different backgrounds as they work to dismantle a large pharmaceutical company involved with foul play. Filled with it’s share of humor, suspense, as well as heartwarming characters, Vincenzo is a great show to pick up. It has subtitles so you don’t need to know Korean to enjoy it.

2. Shadow and Bone – Based on a young adult fantasy novel, Shadow and Bone follows the story of a mystical world that is torn by war. Young Alina Starkov is an orphaned, dual ethnic mapmaker who has the extraordinary power to help her world. With only eigh episodes, it will be a quicker weekend binge that will keep you immersed in the story telling.

3. The Way of the Househusband – If you like anime (Japanese cartoons) and ironic humor, this show will be for you. It follows the story of a househusband who used to be in the yakuza (Japanese mafia). With short 15 min episodes, you will easily be able to finish this series in a night and be laughing along the way.

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