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Airbnbs That Make Bedtime an Experience!

Usually, Airbnbs are booked as a means to explore a location. As long as it’s clean, safe, and reasonably priced, most people aren’t looking for much more. However, there are some Airbnbs that were meant to be an experience all on their own. Certainly, they heighten the thrill of the trip since travelers can come home to something they can explore all over again at night! Check out these three locations that you might want to book before the year ends:

The Arlo is known for it’s minimalistic and practical rooms with wide windows surrounding the beds. While this room isn’t the Instagram famous rooms with floor to ceiling windows spanning two sides of the bed, it still carries its own charm in making travelers feel like they are at the heart of the city. Travelers can wake up with at the level of skyscrapers and their amazing views. You can watch sunrise and sunset over the NYC skyline! It’s also conveniently placed for travelers to easily go to landmark locations and grab essentials.

This Airbnb is perfect for travelers who want to stay immersed in nature. It has a ton of windows that lets in plenty of natural lighting. In fact, one side of the treehouse is a floor to ceiling window that allows travelers to enjoy the forest around them even in the Airbnb. There is plenty of sleeping areas for the whole family as well as a place to create a campfire!

Boy, is this a spot! This luxury geodesic dome is located at the top of the mountain providing beautiful views of the Appalachian Mountains that travelers can enjoy from sunrise to sunset. What’s more is that this Airbnb is fully loaded with a bathroom and hot tub! Part of the dome is clear so travelers can enjoy nature even inside the structure.

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