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Don't Lose, Snooze! Fall Asleep Faster - Part 2

Feeling anxious or stressed? Noticing that these feelings are interrupting your sleep? Following up with our previous blog about sleep tips, we have more advice to help you feel better rested by falling asleep faster. This time, we are going to focus on how you can incorporate self-care routines into your day so that they do not interfere with your sleep. That way, they can accomplish their intent - caring for yourself.

1. Take a hot shower or a bathe right before bed

Similar to what we talked about in the previous blog, your body temperature needs to drop 2-3 degrees in order for you to fall asleep. By taking a warm bath, you are casing your blood vessels to expand in order to rid of the extra heat. When you get out of the shower, your vessels are still expanded for a time period causing you to cool down faster and reaching the temperature where your body is ready for sleep.

2. Take naps and workout earlier in the day

Going to the gym or engaging in physical activity causes your body to release endorphins and adrenaline which are all compounds that stimulate wakefulness. If you were to decide to work-out right before bed, it might be like drinking a cup of coffee. Save the gains for earlier in the day and while you're at it, try to nap a bit earlier too. It goes without saying that by napping later in the day, you will wake up feeling less tired and unable to fall asleep during your regular sleep schedule.

3. Read before bed

Investing yourself in a book is incredibly rewarding and allows you to learn more about the world and yourself. Better yet, it is the perfect activity to do right before bed because it is a relaxing task that allows for your body to wind down. Being relaxed is key to restful sleep and a good book can ease you right into it.

Self care is an important everyday consideration for our busy lives. Taking baths, working out, and reading are all great ways to de-stress from a long day and, hopefully, by knowing the best times to engage in these activities, your sleep quality will improve as well.

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