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Don't Lose, Snooze! Does Beauty Sleeping Work?

Let's be honest, we've all pulled an all nighter before. While some of us might have spent it anxiously cramming for an exam, getting a work project finished, or just deep talking with our best friend, we can all agree that we do not feel well if we did not catch any z's for 24 hours. But more than that, we feel like we look as awful as we feel!

Scientific articles have actually proven that the lack sleep will manifest on your face through characteristics such as red eyes, wrinkles around the eyes, swelling, squinter eyes, paleness, and more. Sound familiar? They are the same features as you might have if you were sick! The take-home message is that beauty sleep is in fact real and can be something to incorporate before an important event such as an interview, a date, or just every day.

Need better sleep? Your mattress is a big component so let Fox Mattress help you out. Come in our store today or call us with all your questions and curiosities!

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