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Mattress Care: Keep the Dust Off

After you bring your mattress home, it quickly becomes your safe place to rest and wind down from the day. However, during the moments you are away and when you are using your mattress, it is accumulating dust, dead skin cells, and hair. This adds weight and grit to your mattress decreasing it's lifespan and potentially lowering the quality of your sleep. This is especially true if you have pets or tend to lay in bed before showering.

To preserve the lightness of your mattress and to prevent sagging, we recommend vacuuming your mattress once a week to once a month with a hand held vacuum. Make sure to get around the edges and the sides. Another option is to use a mattress topper to prevent any contamination from reaching your mattress in the first place. This option might be suitable for busy lives.

Using this method will keep you mattress light and extend the life of your safe place. Looking for more mattress care tips or looking to get an upgrade? Fox Mattress has you covered.

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