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#PillowTalk: Get Some Down Time

Between our responsibilities and busy lives, a couple of hours of downtime and free time is hard to come by. While taking a nap or watching TV are great ways to wind down and de-stress, there are also ways to enjoy you-time while also being productive with your mind and soul. Research has shown that sleep and exercising your mind are the best tools to promote, maintain, and sustain mental health.

Here are some activities that you can enjoy right from bed:

1. Read a book.

Whether you are looking for a temporary escape or learning something new, there is a book for every topic, every perspective, and any length. Especially for those who like to broaden your horizons, a great book can help you do that from the comforts of your own bedroom. I recommend using the free Goodreads app on phones and tablets to get started on your new series from your favorite genre.

2. Practice meditation.

While meditation looks like nothing much from the outside, it is an activity involves an incredible amount of mental and emotional strength. For most of us, clearing our head might sound easy, but the bustle of our thoughts and lives often makes that a difficult to accomplish activity. Meditation is long term activity where instant gratification is less common but long term benefits are vast. Try the free Headspace app to get started.

3. Journaling

Writing down your thoughts or even just documenting your own life, while simple, can have tremendous benefits to your emotional wellbeing. Not only does the physical action of engaging with your mind help you process your hardships or your day, but it is a living document of yourself that you can look back on. There are many journaling techniques from traditional diary entries to writing a letter to yourself or another person to just doodling. You can get started with just a couple of pieces of scrap paper!

All these productive activities are ways that you can practice self growth so you can utilize your down time in a productive manner. Most find these activities relaxing AND experience calm and peace in the long run because the soul is being nourished. Before you get started, make sure you have a comfortable bed to maximize the relaxation you can reap from these activities. Continue browsing our website to find your perfect Fox Mattress!

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