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#PillowTalk: Movie Nights

By the middle of fall, all the summer blockbusters will either be on Netflix or on DVD. It is now your mission to create your watch line-up, get the popcorn ready (maybe for two), and formulate the ultimate viewing experience. This includes being constantly refreshed with snacks and, of course, ultimate comfort for hours of viewing pleasure.

Our suggestion - why not movie marathon in bed? You have already decided to spend 8 hours, a time you most need relaxation, in bed. For obvious reasons, this should be the most comfortable place to be. Being in bed also provides a cozy place to be if you fall asleep during your marathons (as many of us do). You will have plenty of pillows and covers and a mattress that hugs your body to aid your sleep as opposed to the stiff couch.

Need help finding your perfect binging bed? We can help you with that. With a selection of the most comfortable mattresses to fit all preferences, we can help you build your perfect home theater.

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