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Better Night, Better Life: the Benefits of Sleep (Part 3)

Did you know? Sleep helps to repair your body.

3D picture of body resting

For whatever reason you are not sleeping, stress, old mattress, or something else leading to insominia, we are here to convince you it is time to make a change to your sleep rituals.

Did you know for instance, sleep actually helps repair the body?

We have all heard our doctor say “get some rest,” but there is research that actually backs that up. Your body is hard at work while you are getting some Z’s, producing extra protein molecules that help strengthen your immune system, fight infection, reduce stress and ultimately keep you healthier.

Sleep is that important. If you are tossing and turning and not getting the amount of sleep your body needs, the cause could be an old mattress. It might be time to consider something new. We can help!

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