Why Is My Mattress Sagging?

Sagging mattresses can be due for several reasons. It can be the quality of the material, the durability if the mattress over the years or mattress cushioning.

As a mattress manufacturer/retailer we are able to offer insight into topics that your average “box-store” cannot. We wanted to share one of the most popular statements we hear from customers, and some friendly advice on what to look for when shopping for a new mattress. It’s a crazy world out there these days in the mattress industry. Each week we will discuss a different topic that is commonly asked by consumers in our showroom. This week we are going to address the ever-growing issue of a mattress that is commonly described as sagging, has a “hole”, or is growing an indentation.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

“We just bought a mattress less than 2 years ago and it is “sagging”. We did not buy a cheap mattress, and bought one of the best they had. How can it be doing this so soon after buying it? Why is it sagging?

There is no short answer for why your mattress might be sagging or forming a body impression. The main reason for this is because of the density of the cushioning that is being used. When building a mattress, there are different layers that are placed over a spring system or a foam support system. The range of foam can be anywhere from 8 ounces to 3.5 pounds per cubic foot of foam. The approximate average industry (major “S” brands) standard now ranges from 8-10 ounces per cubic foot. Now imagine an average adult sleeping on this “light” of a foam nightly, and unfortunately gravity occurs and air begins to be pushed out while you sleep. Thus, by using the lighter density cushioning the air is pushed out more quickly and the body impression is formed. The higher density cushioning that you allow the mattress manufacturer to use, the greater the durability and lifespan of your mattress will be. We at Fox use anywhere from a 1.8 pound to 3.5 pound foam depending on the quality you’re looking for.

The second component of why this is happening is partly due to the spring (support) structure. There are two different ways to build a mattress commonly. These include using a pocketed coil (Fabric encased) or a steel innerspring system. While the pocketed coil has become the new craze in the mattress industry; it typically creates a softer feel and is surrounded by a foam-encased box. This type of spring system allows for greater “give” for the person to fall in to. It also allows for shifting/stretching of materials since materials cannot be attached to a foam piece. There are pros and cons to anything. One of the major “pros” of this type of spring is that it reduces movement felt by partners when sleeping at night.

Where as a steel innerspring system (traditional) and how they’ve been built for hundreds of years before; typically allows for a more orthopedic support structure and provides greater durability. Since there is a more substantial support involved and the materials can be wrapped over the border wire to reduce the amount of shifting/stretching we are reducing the risk of a short lifespan for a mattress. At Fox, we offer both designs of springs as every individual has different needs and preferences. However, if the individual is suffering from any back issues, etc. an orthopedic system is typically the direction we point our customers. Add in the fact that we build our mattresses to be two sided and flipped over, and you’ve got yourself one great mattress.

It is not uncommon for us to hear past customers of ours who have kept their bed for 15+ years and still have no issues. It all comes down to the parts and pieces that the manufacturer puts inside. And our mission since 1968 remains: “To build it better than we can buy.”


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