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Fox Mattress Offers Personal Mattress Service

Professional mattress making

Don't be treated like sheep from other major brand stores. Fox Mattress will give you the individual care you need for your perfect mattress.

This blog posting is being inspired by the hundreds of stories we’ve heard of customers’ negative experiences with major name brand mattress manufacturers. To name a few most are familiar with: Sealy, Serta, Stearns & Foster, Tempurpedic, etc. So today while I was working on our website marketing, I decided to go on Google and see what people really had to say. Is it just the stories we hear in our showroom? Apparently not, the reviews were alarmingly negative with many of them only having a 1 star rating. These brands all have in common that they are national corporations, and today some are even owned by one another with major shareholders controlling the product.

The mattress industry certainly is not what it used to be. Fancy new foams, mattresses you cannot flip over, and imported materials. Where have the high quality American made products gone?

Well, there are still few and far between local manufacturers who deserve some credit as the “little guys”. At Fox Mattress, we have been building top quality handcrafted locally built mattresses since 1968. We are proud of our 99% customer satisfaction rate, and continue to pride on building a better product than we can buy. In fact, we’ve been voted best “mattress store” for 24 years running and are proud of our 5 star customer rating. We have never been in business to be the big fish in the pond; our goal has always been to be the best at what we do.

We still believe in a two sided flip mattress, we believe in putting American materials in a mattress you and your family are sleeping on; and most of all we believe in the importance of quality sleep for years to come and treating all of our customers like family.

Don’t be treated like a sheep or just a number, come sleep on your new Fox Mattress today.

A local brand. A better mattress.

We have a bed for you.

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