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Fox Mattress Is A Local Dayton County Landmark

Dayton County Fox Mattress store

Since 1961, Fox Mattress has been providing quality mattresses within Dayton County and also worldwide. Customers trust our mattresses and you should to.

For the last 46 years we have been known as a “Local Landmark” in Volusia and Flagler counties. Recently our Fox customer family has also grown to areas outside of the local area; and we wanted to share in our excitement with you as our name continues to spread from Florida all the way to Korea!

Ask a friend or a neighbor; someone you know sleeps on a Fox Mattress. With the use of our top quality and ALL made in the USA materials, we truly appreciate the billion nights of quality sleep we have provided to our customers. We are also proud of our 99% customer satisfaction rate. We provide all designs: Adjustable (electric beds), 2-sided flippable mattresses, Memory foam/gel, Pillowtops, Latex, Air beds, and other new innovative designs fresh out of our LOCAL factory.

We invite you to come visit us when you are ready to treat yourself to the “Fox Experience”. With the size of our factory and 50+ models of beds in the showroom, we have over an ACRE of beds for you to choose from. Since we are a factory-direct store, we are able to cut out the middle man and provide you affordable comfort. When visiting the showroom, please ask your salesperson for a tour of our factory. We are proud of our product and look forward to sharing it with YOU.

As always, “We do have a bed for you.”

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