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What your Sleep Position says about You

Have you ever noticed yourself defaulting to the same position every time you lay down in bed? Well according to an analysis done by the Better Sleep Council, your sleep position can tell you and others a few details about you and your personality. In this article we will go over some of the most common sleep positions and what they can say about you!

Fetal position- This position is when you lay curled up and the most common sleep position in the United States (47%). This sleep position is associated with those showing traits of introversion and shyness.

Starfish position- This position is when you lay on your back with your arms up above your head. This sleep position is more common in men than women. Starfish sleepers are associated with selflessness and ready to help those around them.

Yearner position- This position is when you lay on your side with one knee bent and your arms stretched out. This position is most common with baby boomers and associated with open mindedness and complexity. You can’t change their mind once it’s made up!

We hope you found this information interesting and know that if you don’t feel that you line up with a position’s description that this analysis isn’t conclusive, but it sure is fun to know! No matter what position you sleep in, the mattress you lie in is the most important of all! At Fox Mattress we use premium materials from the USA and try our locally built premium 2-Sided Flip design mattress that will be sure to keep you comfortable and relaxed. Give us a call or visit our location today!

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