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Smell a Better Sleep?

Is it possible to smell a better sleep for ourselves? Recently, many claims of aromatherapy and essential oil treatments are gaining traction of increasing quality of many aspects of life, including sleep. Here we will outline what researchers say about the use of aromatherapy and essential oils for sleep to see if there is maybe something for you to try!

One essential oil that has been renowned for its sleep benefits before the explosion of other types is lavender. A 2015 study conducted in Turkey for intensive care unit (ICU) patients found that use of lavender oil can serve as a mild sedative promoting REM sleep and decreasing time needed before reaching peak alertness after waking, generally increasing their quality of sleep. These past couple years has shown an explosion new types of essential oils on the market, from multitudes of flowers to ho wood. Research on these new treatments is currently very limited, so if you’re interested in pursuing any one of them it would be the safest to consult your doctor beforehand.

Lavender has been shown to be a safe and decently effective sleep aid, though it is still important to consult your doctor prior to use in case it could interfere with other medication. Lavender can be taken through a diffuser throughout the night, or it can be applied directly to your skin. If you wish to apply it to your skin be sure to dilute it with a carrier oil beforehand to ensure no irritation.

Beyond potential remedies, it is a fact that your mattress contributes highly to the quality of your sleep! At Fox Mattress, we are committed to providing the most premium mattresses to ensure your comfort and rest. Visit our website or check out our store to try out our premium, locally made mattresses today!

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