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Productivity and Sleep

Productivity has become a hot topic, with many different tips and tricks to get things done. But how can you be more productive before sleeping and after waking up? In this article we will be discussing how to get the most productive sleep.

It may be surprising, but to get the best sleep, the most important things to do are during the day. Habits are really important, so keep healthy habits like exercise, little screen time and eating regularly. Exercising regularly at the same time at a consistent schedule is important. Also eat at a consistent time and do not eat late at night. Blue light can wake you up more than help you sleep, so limiting it to less than 4 hours a day is recommended.

Try changing your sleep schedule to get a full amount of sleep, which does not have to be 7 or 8 hours if that isn't normal for you. Many productivity experts recommend waking up earlier than usual to focus on a personal project or goal. This can help with your mental health and prepare your brain for the day. Before sleeping try to have a night routine you look forward to, and a morning routine you can be happy to wake up to.

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