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Morning Bed Head?

Ever wake up in the morning to find your hair flying everywhere or sticking straight up? Waking up with a case of bed head is one of the most frustrating things to deal with in the mornings, after taking a shower the night before I need to take another one in the morning just to get rid of that crazy hair. Or do I? If you’re like me and have to struggle with bed head in the mornings, here are some tips to combat it without hitting the shower!

Spray bottle- Dry shampoo is a pretty obvious option, however if you’re like me and not a fan of the feeling of it in your hair, find an empty spray bottle and fill it with water! In the mornings spray it on your hair while using a comb, brush, blow dryer, whatever you normally use to style. If you go overboard with the spray you can always just dry your hair using a towel.

Pillowcase- To mitigate bed head as much as possible, consider investing in a silk pillowcase. Silk has less static properties than other bedsheets allowing less friction between your head and pillow, leading to less bed head in the morning!

At Fox Mattress we are here to support your sleep, so you don’t need to worry about waking up exhausted! With our premium quality mattresses all made and sourced in the USA, we know you’ll love our mattress! Give us a call or visit our location today to see for yourself!

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