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Learn in Your Sleep

Cramming all night for an exam or an important presentation can be extremely stressful, but what if the right answer to store a bunch of knowledge in your head is to sleep? In this article we’ll discuss how sleep affects the way we learn and how it may apply to you and your endeavors.

Initially even before you begin studying or working, studies show that sleeping beforehand makes the brain more ready for the initial formations of memories. Simply put, having good sleep prior puts the brain in a good spot to learn, and sleeping after cements it in. In fact, if you haven’t slept, your ability to learn new information drops up to 40%!

To break up the sleep stages simply, there’s two important phases, REM sleep and nREM sleep, with REM being deep sleep and nREM coming before and after REM. During nREM, the brain goes through the day's activities and decides what to remember and to forget or keep more vague. During REM, it is shown to link new memories to previous memories in file. So when you’re learning, during REM your brain is connecting the new information with old information you already knew!

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