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How to Lucid Dream

Have you ever had a dream and felt yourself really wishing you could take control of your actions like, “Inception”? Well, it’s actually possible through the power of lucid dreaming! Lucid dreaming is when you are aware you are dreaming and allows you to take control of your dreams. An estimated 55% of people have had at least one lucid dream in their lifetime. If you want to join them or to experience it again, here’s how.

To lucid dream, you must first be able to discern between reality and your dreams. This can be done by having a reality check and a dream check. Reality check’s can be done by asking yourself if you are dreaming while looking around your surroundings and seeing if anything is off. Common reality checks are checking your reflection in the mirror to see if it’s normal or pinching your nose and seeing if you can still breathe.

Once you have a reality check, you want to have a dream check as well. This is best done through keeping a dream journal and documenting key observations that shows you are dreaming. Signs such as flying or any other sign that will indicate you are dreaming. Combining this with the reality check will allow you to understand you are in a dream and you can now take control.

We hope you found this information useful and maybe lucid dreaming a shot sometime! At Fox Mattress, we are committed to ensuring you have the most pleasant sleep possible. Visit our website or our location in Holly Hill today to try our locally made, premium, two-sided flip mattress today!

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