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Electronic Adjustable Beds For Sale

Electric Adjustable Mattress Systems

Electric adjustable beds have been the mainstay of our local factory for over 50 years. We are the largest factory direct in the southeast when it comes to volume. Our success comes from combining our exclusive hand-built mattress with the largest and most reliable adjustable base manufacturer in the U.S.; Southerland and Glideaway. At Fox, we offer adjustable beds with varying features including options of massage, pre-set positions, zero-gravity, and more!
Give in to luxury with our different base options. It’s not just a bed, but a total sleep system. Position your head and feet to your desired position of what you want, or use the massage feature to relax tired muscles. It’s a total relaxation center because it is also great for watching TV, reading, snacking, or working in bed. Along with convenience, there are numerous health benefits of a new adjustable system including sleep apnea, acid reflux, respiratory conditions, and so much more! You are in control of your comfort setting.
We strongly recommend using a traditional built mattress to receive the most durability and longest lasting support possible. Electric bases can be used with any custom made mattress in our line. Including but not limited to: Latex, Memory Foam/gel, Hybrid, and custom innerspring 2-sided designs.
With the factory pricing Fox offers, electric systems can be had for the price of a great quality flat bed.
Electric Adjustable Beds Starting from...
Twin/Twin XL: $649-$1400 | Full: $949-$1700 |
Queen: $749-$1800 / King $1200-$1800
*Features depending on: head/foot adjustment, massage, pre-set positions, etc.*
Couple On A Fox Mattress Adjustable Bed

"My Fox Mattress is the BEST investment I ever made!  I've owned it for over a year now and am SO thankful I bought the heavy duty adjustable base!  I am a side sleeper because I have GERD & can't lay flat on my back. During the past year I had hip replacement surgery AND shoulder replacement surgery which prevented me from laying on my sides.  I can't imagine what I would have done without the ability to raise the head and legs not only because of my GERD but also my spinal/back problems.
The Fox, locally made, two-sided mattress is the BEST!
Thank you Fox!" - Mike M.

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