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Why it's Important to Stay Home During COVID-19

With the current state of affairs, I'm sure you are in a situation where your county or state as put into place some sort of protocol to keep people at home as much as possible. With the United States as the new center for the disease (more cases than China), it won't be surprising for more of these protocols to become more widespread and more strict.

Why is social isolation and staying at home important and does it really prevent the spread of an pandemic? The answer is yes.

News sources and organizations such as the CDC frequently talk about "flattening the curve" which is what social isolation helps with but what does "flattening the curve" mean? There are two components that are important to understand. First, the "curve" refers to the amount of people that become infected with the virus. Second, there is threshold for medical care, meaning the ability for hospitals and the medical community to effectively care for the people who are sick. If the curve is tall and overcomes the ability for hospital and medical capacity. If the curve is flat/short, it is under the hospital/medical meaning the people who are affect can get the treatment and care they need.

If are the same number of people infected between a tall curve and a flat curve, the difference is that less people die in a flat curve. The best way we can achieve this is through social isolation which decreases the rate of transmission. It's hard work but it's important work. Our staff and family at Fox Furniture is wishing everyone well. Our next series of blog posts will be ways for you to entertain yourself and your family at home during these unprecedented times.

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