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Why Hitting Snooze Isn’t Helping You

There are two types of people in this world…those who have 20 alarms on their phone for the morning…and those who have 200. Unless you are a god and can wake up naturally when you need to or are able to get out of bed with the first alarm, you’re probably familiar with the repetitive cycle of “ugh just 5 more minutes!” In fact, you are so familiar with that that you’ve already preemptively prepared for it.

As much as it sucks to admit but pressing snooze all the time in the morning actually does very little for our restfulness. No matter how blissful that extra 5 minutes might feel like the truth is we are likely to feel the same in terms of restfulness waking up at the first alarm vs. the 100th. In fact, you might even feel better waking up at the first one since you won’t be late for work or school, and you start the day on-time and not rushed.

How can this be though when those 5 extra minutes just feel sooooo good? This is because the extra 5-10 minutes between your snooze alarms are not enough for you to enter REM sleep. REM (rapid eye movement) sleep or deep sleep is when your body and mind have fully relaxed. This is the stage where you are able to harness restorative sleep where your body is able to recover itself. This is the type of sleep you need for feel less sleepy and tired. However, it takes time to enter REM sleep. Instead, in-between snoozes, you are in stage 1 sleep. This is the dozing off period where the body and mind have not fully relaxed. In this stage, you might experience slight movement such as twitching. This is not restful sleep. In fact, going in and out of this stage with snooze alarms might even make you more tired. The satisfaction you feel when you are able to “sleep for 5 more minutes” is likely more of a mental gratification than a physical one. Think about it – do you actually feel more rested after all of your “5 more minutes”?

What you can do instead is set yourself up for better quality sleep through healthy bedtime and morning routines. We have plenty of blogs with sleep tips and more on the way! Check them out and happy z’s!

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