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Trouble Sleeping?

We all have those nights when we toss and turn, unable to get in some good shut eye. Though during this time as you try to sleep, sometimes it’s best to not try and get some sleep! If you find yourself in a situation where sleep just seems to evade you, here are some tips to get back the rest you need and deserve.

Temperature- turn down the thermostat! The National Sleep Foundation recommends anywhere from 60-65 degrees F ideal for sleep. This will help enormously, especially if you’re a warm sleeper.

Get out of bed- by staying in bed when you have trouble sleeping, your brain will stop associating your bed with sleep! Get up and read a book or draw, something to keep your mind busy as long as you’re avoiding a screen or bright light. Soon enough your body will start to catch up and you can return to bed when you’re feeling ready to sleep.

We hope you found this informational helpful for those sleepless nights. The occasional toss and turn is perfectly normal on an occasional basis, but if you find this situation happening to you frequently, you may wish to contact your doctor about the issue as it may be related to a deeper sleep disorder. At Fox Mattress, we are dedicated to creating a premium mattress with unparalleled comfort. Check out our website or our physical Holly Hill location today to check out or try our new premium 2 sided flip technology mattress!

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