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The Ideal Sleep Position (Part One)

When it comes to a restful and productive night of sleep, beyond environmental factors such as temperature, your mattress, or your pillows, the way you position yourself as you sleep can play a crucial role as well. In this first part, we will begin to dive into the nuances of various sleep positions and guide you to discover the best one that suits your need for a restful night of sleep!  

Broadly speaking, if you are frequently waking up to body aches for seemingly no apparent reason, a common culprit is improper spinal alignment throughout the night. To best address this, sleeping on your back can be monumental. This allows the mattress to support the natural curve of your spine and reduce risks of discomfort and pain. For even better comfort, consider a medium-firm mattress for the best support in this position.  

On the flip side, sleeping on your stomach may alleviate snoring but can commonly strain the neck and spine. If you find this most comfortable, consider utilizing a firmer mattress to prevent your midsection from sinking too much. A pillow under your hip area may also help in maintaining spinal alignment.  

We hope you found this first part of finding your ideal sleep position to be interesting and helpful in ensuring you can take full advantage of your sleep and have the most productive day! At Fox Mattress, we craft all our mattresses right here in the USA, so you know you have a premium mattress to sleep on. Give us a call or visit our Holly Hills location to learn more about our premium offerings today! 


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