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"I'm Running on 4 Hours of Sleep and I'm Fine!"

How often have you heard a coworker, family member or even yourself say this sentence? Unfortunately, with the intensive schedules many of us live with, we often carry a coffee in one hand, cell phone in the other, burdens on our shoulders, and the detriment of 4 hours of sleep in our heads. Lack of sleep is so common that it's negative effects are often downplayed, but in reality they can be much harder on our bodies than we realize.

Studies have shown that getting 6 hours of sleep for 11 days is the equivalent of staying up for 24 hours which, on a mental cognitive level, is the same as being drunk. Some regard sleep deprived driving as worse than drunk driving since there are more ill rested people than drunk drivers.

An estimated 20% of auto accidents are due to drowsy drivers.

Another important part of the study is that it shows that people who are sleep deprived genuinely think everything is fine! Decreases in the ability to think, memorize, and process through information is not fully felt by that person even though it is intensely affecting their day to day life. This can what lead to people who are hugely sleep deprived to decided to get behind that wheel or do any high risk activity.

Sleep deprivation might not be easily prevented but it can be alleviated. Just creating a better sleep environment in your home can hugely affect your quality of sleep. That starts with your mattress and at Fox Mattress, we have the widest selection of quality made mattresses that will quickly become your favorite bed! Call or visit today see for yourself.

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